Saturday, July 20, 2013


I've been trying to write down the weird dreams that I have lately. I was reading through some old ones and I found this treasure, from March 21, 2013, in my phone notes:

(3/21) The Jimps this is watching TV show about these three kids so I'm going to round-trip. Dalensou thing. There to Blazingwood go. The main character was deployed from sorcery boom sorcerers apprentice. And then went surfing. Searchers apprentice is booked going to like really dangerous place. When he moved over to someplace that you just hold onto and then the waves crashed in the big wave" get them. Thank you manager and can. Mom pitchstone going to this new movie. No scratch that Phillipsville dinner with old man. The main character was called the doctor because he could read his friends moons. I had a dream that dad is with us and we're moving on up Alpenhaus. And then there was a lawyer friend who had a theater in this house. Going to go to movie. With the tablet just depressants him it's probably not a good idea. We just went to his lawyer friends house and watched a movie instead. For some reason there is little girl who's really dirty and to see know how to take care of yourself. I don't know if were babysitting her life we found her. We are kind of watching her while we are moving

I must have been only partially awake when I wrote this and it must have been dictated to Siri. It sounds like something Charlie Day would write as Charlie in "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." If you know what this dream means, let me know.