Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pedestrian gets hit by a car in Springville

Hillary and Scott are having a boy, just so you know. Also, I found out that Hillary's mom is having another baby boy in December, so the two babies can be friends like Hilly and me (Catey).

August 25 was the first day of school for my last semester. I was on my way to catch the bus but I got hit by a car while I was still on the sidewalk. It was really strange because I was waiting for the crosswalk signal when suddenly and briefly I saw a maroonish or reddish SUV heading towards me, next thing I knew, I was in the ambulance. I can't really remember pain, but I'm sure I hurt and I've probably just blocked it out. I do remember my leggings, tights, leotard, and sweater getting cut off of my body and how the scissors were cold but smooth as they grazed my skin. The very first thing I remember thinking was, "That car totally hit me! I really got hit by a car." I was absolutely in shock and couldn't believe what happened. I then gave the EMTs Jeremy and my mother's phone numbers because I wanted them with me. I remember wiggling my fingers and toes and discovered that I wasn't paralyzed, I was totally relieved.
The driver that hit me was drunk and high on heroin, which is dumb in the first place, but it's even worse that it was only 7:15 a.m. and he'd been in court for a DUI only the day before.
Turns out that I had what is called a "tibial plateau fracture" and a partially torn meniscus in my right leg, my left ACL was torn, I had a concussion, I needed staples in my head, and my nose was broken, along with some other face bones that didn't need to be fixed.
A tibial plateau fracture means that the top of the tibia, near the knee, has a fracture. In my case, part of the medial side of the top of my tibia broke off. They repaired it with a plate and 8 screws and told me not to walk on it for 12 weeks, though I didn't feel like walking at the time anyway. My nose got fixed and was painful for a little while, but it is okay now. The ACL will be fixed after I can use my right leg, so probably not till the end of November. I was very blessed to not be dead, paralyzed, or brain damaged.

I'm getting really bored of this post, so I may add to it another day. I just wanted to say something about this since it really affects mine and Jeremy's lives. People have shown so much kindness and charity and we have been full of gratitude to them and to the heavenly beings that kept me in as good as condition as I am. I just want to say thank you to all who have shown us support and DON'T DO DRUGS because they are bad!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

grand-relative in the next generation

I'm so excited! My niece Hillary and her husband Scott are having a baby. I am so excited! We didn't really know how long she'd been full with child until today. They went to their first ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat. Hilly sent me a text with a picture of the little babe in her belly and she also told me that she's due March 2nd which means they are 11 weeks into pregnancy. I really am so excited.
We went to a divine comedy reunion dinner on Sunday and got to meet a friend's month old baby. It was so cute because this little munchkin was the first person we saw when we walked in the door. Jeremy was so cute when he was watching the squirming little pink human who was asleep in its baby carrier. I had fun watching Jeremy. I think that made Jeremy more excited for Hilly and Scoot to have a little munchkin of their own.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have been married for more than a year now. I could easily say we've been through really hard things that weren't really under our control, but we did make it! We've also probably had some of the best times.
One of our good friend's is moving away for a few months and we're going to miss her. Vanessa Barney has hung out with us a lot lately, she is a wonderful friend and will be missed for these few months.
This coming week is pretty exciting. Jeremy is graduating from BYU on Thursday. I'm a little worried though, he doesn't have his cap and gown yet. I hope we can still get him one. His family is coming down from Idaho to watch his commencement, and many in my family want to go too. I think it'd be fun if we did something special for him, like had a little brunch or lunch.
We are driving to the Oakland/San Fransisco area the day after commencement to go to Meagan Gallagher and Jared Porter's wedding. I'm really excited for these guys to get married. They are really cool and they are true friends. The wedding is sure to be fun. Jeremy and I have never been to the San Fran area so we're also excited to go just because of that, but we also have the opportunity to volunteer at the Outside Lands music festival, which means we get to go for free one day! Yay!
All I really wanted to say in this post was that I love Jeremy so much. I'm so happy we decided to marry each other. It makes all the difference to be married to your very best friend and to be able to help and support each other all the time.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Today was my second day back to ballet since the middle of May. My muscles are really sore and knotted up, but it is good that I'm dancing again.
Jeremy has been practicing stop motion animation with a wooden art mannequin model doll and his new stop motion software from Dragon. He and I made a short test video of it. He also started to build the armature for a monster that is going to be in his movie, "Gerald." While he was doing this, I had played with the modeling clay. I haven't done any sculpting or very much visual art for at least 4 years. We both had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Senior Projects

Both Jeremy and I have been working diligently on our Senior Capstone Projects. It has been very hard but very fun and worthwhile.

Jeremy wrote a script that is really funny. He had been in pre-production for this movie since September last year and he was able to start and finish filming in March. I think the footage looks great! I'm really excited for his movie. I think it'll get accepted into some festivals. If you think the two movies we made together look good, you should see this movie. It was filmed with the Red One which is a camera that real Hollywood productions use. His cast and crew were all really fun to be around and they did a good job. Now, all that needs to be done is the finishing. The movie is called "Gerald" as of right now and it should be finished by the end of the summer. If Jeremy makes a trailer or teaser for it, I'll try to get him to post it.

My project was to choreography a 6-8 minute dance and put together a full production with the rest of my class in a theater. I have been thinking about this for the past two years because the idea of making up a dance makes me feel all anxious and nervous. I've always been mostly in dance classes and companies where we've been choreographed on. When I got my dancers together, I was really amazed at how fun it was to actually put movement on them even when it was hard to come up with movement. It was a great opportunity to challenge my fear of composition. Our concert was last weekend on Friday and Saturday. My sister Rachel accompanied my dancers with the harp in the first movement and my friend Rinda played the trumpet in the second movement. I was the only one who used live music. I am really pleased with my three dancers and my musicians. Many of my teachers and peers have come to me and commented on how they liked my choreography, dancers, musicians, and lighting. I think it turned out really well and that it has been a positive adventure.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jig in Unison

DDR FOREVER... just kidding. DDR for only briefly.

My sister Charlotte just reminded me of this video that my other sister Priscilla took of my nieces/nephews and I doing Dance Dance Revolution back in the mid 2000's. It was a fun time but now I think it is silly. Jeremy thinks DDR is not silly or cool and that it is stupid. :)

On a side note, my niece Lauren has a drawing in the All State High School Art Show at the Springville Museum. Congrats to her cause that is cool.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Red Pears.

My mother has painted some really pretty red pears. I've loved every single one she's done (though there may only be 3 or 4). I also really like to eat red pears because they are yummy. Some of my mom's art can be viewed at

From the time Jeremy and I first started dating, he has given me a single red pear in a brown paper bag as a surprise several times. I think it's the equivalent to giving me a pretty little bouquet of flowers, the difference is that I can eat them. When I met up with Jeremy to go home this evening, he had a bag of THREE red pears for me in the passenger seat and I almost sat on them and smooshed them.

Jeremy is so cute.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catey and Jeremy's new movie. It's just a movie everyone, calm down.
And, school started. Jeremy's last first week of school is almost over, at least until he goes to graduate school.

Behind the Machine from Jeremy Warner on Vimeo.