Tuesday, August 10, 2010

grand-relative in the next generation

I'm so excited! My niece Hillary and her husband Scott are having a baby. I am so excited! We didn't really know how long she'd been full with child until today. They went to their first ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat. Hilly sent me a text with a picture of the little babe in her belly and she also told me that she's due March 2nd which means they are 11 weeks into pregnancy. I really am so excited.
We went to a divine comedy reunion dinner on Sunday and got to meet a friend's month old baby. It was so cute because this little munchkin was the first person we saw when we walked in the door. Jeremy was so cute when he was watching the squirming little pink human who was asleep in its baby carrier. I had fun watching Jeremy. I think that made Jeremy more excited for Hilly and Scoot to have a little munchkin of their own.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


We have been married for more than a year now. I could easily say we've been through really hard things that weren't really under our control, but we did make it! We've also probably had some of the best times.
One of our good friend's is moving away for a few months and we're going to miss her. Vanessa Barney has hung out with us a lot lately, she is a wonderful friend and will be missed for these few months.
This coming week is pretty exciting. Jeremy is graduating from BYU on Thursday. I'm a little worried though, he doesn't have his cap and gown yet. I hope we can still get him one. His family is coming down from Idaho to watch his commencement, and many in my family want to go too. I think it'd be fun if we did something special for him, like had a little brunch or lunch.
We are driving to the Oakland/San Fransisco area the day after commencement to go to Meagan Gallagher and Jared Porter's wedding. I'm really excited for these guys to get married. They are really cool and they are true friends. The wedding is sure to be fun. Jeremy and I have never been to the San Fran area so we're also excited to go just because of that, but we also have the opportunity to volunteer at the Outside Lands music festival, which means we get to go for free one day! Yay!
All I really wanted to say in this post was that I love Jeremy so much. I'm so happy we decided to marry each other. It makes all the difference to be married to your very best friend and to be able to help and support each other all the time.