Wednesday, September 28, 2011

jackson and work

Here are pictures that we took of ourselves at the Lost Creek Ranch in Wyoming. It was fun and the Titans were beautiful. I really like the lense flares. Modern Family went to Lost Creek in one of their episodes. I think it costs something like $14,00 per week per couple. We, of course, weren't actually staying there, Jeremy just took pictures of wealthy city people riding docile horses.

I'm at work. Not very many people have called today. I have had a lot of fun laughing at this and this and this. It is a little embarrassing because I'm sitting by myself and I'm almost laughing hard enough to cry!

I recently started to use pinterest. I guess it is pretty cool. It has been pretty self informative. I have found mostly want things like clothes and want to make treats. Right now I am crochetting a little pink heart garland that I pinned.

Monday, September 26, 2011

forget-me-nots and knives

Forget-me-nots always remind me of the animated feature Thumbelina.

I don't remember ever posting anything particularly religious, but I guess I will today.

My sister Becki invited me to go to the annual Relief Society General Conference with her on Saturday. I had fun hanging out with her. After the meeting, we went shopping for stuff and got some frozen custard. It was so yummy. I got some Wilton stuff from TJ-Maxx and a couple cool Kuhn Rikon knives. I got a blue paring knife and a red serrated knife. Look at all of the colors they come in, they're just like sharpie pens. They're the cutest and best knives I have ever seen or used.

The messages from the meeting that affected me the most were from Sister Julie Beck and Elder Dieter Uchtdorf. I also loved Sisters Allred and Thompson's messages but the dots connect better for me with Sis. Beck and Elder Uchtdorf.

Sister Beck talked about being one of Christ's disciples. I want to follow Christ more. She told us that the inclusion of women in discipleship is part of the restoration of the gospel and that it was part of Christ's and his Apostles' ministries.

Elder Uchtdorf said a new little thing that reminded me of President Hinkley's be's. He said there are 5 petals on forget me nots and 5 things we should remember:
  1. forget not to be patient with yourself- everyone has strengths and weaknesses, don't punish yourself for not being perfect. God notices your efforts and accomplishments and recognizes them
  2. forget not the difference between a good sacrifice and a bad one- do the things that matter most, don't stay up late to embellish something, do stay up late to help a sick child.
  3. forget not to be happy now- don't just wait around for your golden ticket, enjoy the chocolate bar too. Don't only think about your wishes and wants, remember all of the things that are good right now. (Enjoy the journey)
  4. forget not the why of the gospel- don't get caught up on all the Lord wants you to do, but remember why you do it and it will bring you joy.
  5. forget not that the Lord loves you- you are not forgotten and you are loved. Why? Because you are His child.
I know it seems kind of corny, but I must have needed these messages.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Jeremy and I have really dear friends that have been with us through thick and thin. They have even enjoyed being in glitchy wedding pictures with us. They are true friends.

Today is a sad one. Our good friends Chris Duce and Natalie Neal are moving their little keisters to Los Angeles, California. We will miss them so much and I wish them well with their house and job hunts. They are film makers and photographers and are both very capable. I know they will be fine but we'll miss them here.

Just look how good of friends Jeremy and Chris are.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

fancy shoes and fancy cameras

First off, I can't stop listening to this song by College.

I just got a new job. I am the morning receptionist for Wake Up Now. It seems to be a good business that does good things and everyone is very nice. I just need to work on remembering people's names.

I have had a lot of down time so far so since I'm just sitting here between calls and visits, I have time that I can blog and meander through the web. I have found some neat things, like the blue rabbit swing in my previous post.

Since I am at the front desk, I need to always look professional. I have several outfits that I could wear to work, but since I'll be here everyday, I'd like to keep my eye out for possible additions to my wardrobe. Today, I looked at some shoes at Zappos. I'm not going to get these ones, but I like them. It'd be fun to wear them.

Polka dot studded shoes by Belle

Sparkley shoes in black sugar by Rober Clergie

Meanwhile, I was also chatting with Jeremy on Facebook. We have been fantasizing about getting a Red Scarlet for the past few years since it was announced in 2008 (or whenever it was). There has been talk about the camera actually coming out since 2009. I think it may come out sometime soon for reals, so Jeremy are fantasizing even more. Jeremy just sent me a link to this picture:

This diagram compares different resolutions. The little orange space is the size of a regular NTSC DVD's resolution and the blue is HD1080. If we got a scarlet, it would have the resolution of that burnt orange space at 3K, which is pretty big. I didn't realize how large a resolution could be. The giant red space is another product from Red, it is the Red Epic 617 at 28K. That is so extremely ginormous. I don't know very much about camera technology and I don't even pretend to understand it, but I know that would make a giant picture.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

swing swing

I found this really cool Hare Swing. It is really expensive but I think it's great. If I had huge amounts of spare money and a yard with a tree, I would totally buy this.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

new house

Jeremy and I have moved out of my mother's home. She was so awesome to let us stay with her for very nearly a year. I'm going to miss her and she's going to miss us, but we're only 35 minutes away.

I really like our apartment. It is really big compared to where we've lived before. It's probably two times the size of our last two apartments. Our landlords are really great too. I really like our apartment.

IN OTHER NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy is being really silly. He's been doing this for the past 20 minutes. I love my husband. Also, I think my facebook post is really funny. I think I'm funny sometimes.