Thursday, November 5, 2009

We win!

Ghost Couple won first place in the "It's only a movie" short film festival.It was fun to watch the movies people submitted. Joseph Winter is the founder of the contest and he did a good job putting this together and directing his 3D movie project, "Abandoned in Space." The trailer for Joseph's movie was shown in 3D at the festival and it was really cool to see that it really worked, it looked really good!
Also, we received some pictures of us at the temple from my sister Charlotte. She is a very good photographer and her pricing is quite inexpensive. Here are some of my favorite pictures she took of us:

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We made a short for a Halloween film festival our friend is putting on. You can watch in HD on vimeo. Catey is pretty.

Ghost Couple from Jeremy Warner on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

art city

Jeremy and I had been married for two months when our landlord's son came and told us that we couldn't live there anymore because of a reverse mortgage deal his parents are doing which means that there cannot be any renters or source of income or something like that--well at least that's the impression we got. So we moved down to Springville. We live in a little studio apartment that is really small but it's nice and bright and inexpensive and we both like the town even though it's kinda farther away from stuff and people.
Our house is a mess right now but please come visit us soon when it looks nice. I hope we can get it put together in time to have some small inexpensive Halloween decor.
Next time you see Jeremy, tell him to post something on this blog because we all love what he writes. Also, next time you see Charlotte Smith Beck and she isn't doing anything photography related, tell her you want to see some of our wedding pictures on the internet on our blog.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been over a month now

Jeremy and I have been married now for 41 days. I really enjoy being married. It is way better (better, better...) than not being married. July 31 was a really hot day. When we were outside the temple, we were getting so sweaty and impatient so we didn't get very many pictures so Charlotte said she could take more on Saturday. That will be my third time to wear my dress. I'm so lucky.
As many of you know my dad had a tumor in his bile ducts in his liver. It was really big and nothing my parents tried would work. My dad participated as much as he possible could. He came to all of the events except for our luncheon and open house the following week in Idaho. I'm really glad he could make it to those things.
My dad tried to hold on for a long time. On his birthday, September 1, we all went over to my parents house to have peaches and ice cream. I went to talk to my dad. I asked him how his birthday had been going and all he said was, "bad doctor," and he repeated it about 5 times before he could say anything else. I thought it was just his medication making him goofy, but when I found out that it wasn't, it was the first time I realized that he was not going to get better. He had so many toxins in his blood that it was affecting his brain and functions in a major way. That night he went to the hospital and he was there till the afternoon the next day. We took him home under hospice care expecting that he'd be with us for a few more days. I wanted to play my flute for him one more time because he encouraged it so often but someone convinced me that it would be too loud for him so I sang with some of my family. He died the next day.
Even though he was almost always late, he was a very charitable, personable, and righteous person. I'm proud and blessed to have been his daughter and I hope can learn his best traits like the three above.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Jeremy's picture

He says I do not like it but I really do. He even made a 3D version of it that was pretty cool. Today we are trying to finish addressing envelopes so we can send the announcements. I should go because there are a lot of them.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Dog Picture

Catey doesn't like it. I do.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Air Supply

Jeremy keeps asking if we can go to the Air Supply concert after we leave our reception in Utah. I think it sounds like fun. I love Jeremy, he is a sweet heart. Whenever he does or makes anything, I remember that he is really talented and creative. I really like his last post, it is well worded. I also really like the new picture that he made for our header. I really miss him too.
Jeremy is the best.
This is pretty cool and kinda funny:

Jeremy is way better, cooler, and funnier though.

It's come to this.

Having Catey gone is really rough. She's having fun in the sun (at least I think it's sunny there) while it rains pretty much every day here. I guess that's the downside of being sad when your superpower is the ability to control the weather with your emotions. I actually don't have superpowers, but it would be cool to have them, just not the aforementioned one. I mean, what benefit is it in the event of an emergency?
Cops: "There's a hostage situation on the third floor"
Me: "Somebody make me sad, maybe I can flood them out."
The thing is, to flood them our on the third floor would mean that everybody below that level would be flooded out as well. Less effective if you ask me.
In other news, I have spent much time listening to music, making music, working, doing art, riding my bike, and missing Catey. I went to the temple today, that was nice. I rode my bike to Del Taco and ate dinner with friends, that was fun. I've spent a lot of time making posters/art pieces in photoshop that have helped me keep from going crazy, although some would say that they are evidence of the contrary.
Catey has asked me to blog everyday since she left. She's going to be so happy in the morning. I love her. I've never missed anyone as much as I miss her. She's great.
So is this.

But not as great as Cate.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


Kentucky is a very humid place. I really like what it does to my hair but it makes me feel all sticky.
There are some really cool things here. Yesterday, we went to eat with Steve and Nick in the Mess Hall at scout camp, it just reminded us all how bad elementary school lunches really were. Then we were going to a bluegrass thing that happens every week but we couldn't find it. We'll still try to go next week, we probably just went on the wrong day. Nevertheless, it was fun to drive around with Priscilla and Lauren.
Today, P, Laurs, and I went to Louisville and we walked around on some street somewhere. There were a lot of consignment shops and little boutiques. We found a little bead shop and I made a couple earrings that kinda resemble other earrings that are lost somewhere and I'm so happy about them. It was fun and they were only $7 for the two pairs. We also went to a cool antique shop where I bought another pair of earrings for cheap. They had lots of neat stuff there but no clothes, I was hoping there would be really old clothes I could look at for some reason.
I wish Jeremy was here with me, it'd be even more fun with him here. I'm still really enjoying P and E's webcams. I've been able to talk to Jeremy every night! I like it a lot. It's really late though, I should go to bed.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

KY the place

I, Catey, (and my niece Lauren) have gone to visit my Priscilla sister and her family in Kentucky. Her son Ethan keeps singing a song called Trouble by Nevershoutnever! and he just got a cramp in one of his muscles. The song is annoying but I feel bad for his muscles.
Priscilla and Ethan have some webcam things on their computers so I can video chat. I think that is really neat and fun. It is really nice being here in Kentucky but I miss my Jeremy. I hope he has fun with out me too. I hope he posts something on here that doesn't focus on Han and Chewbacca.
My hostess Priscilla has gone to girls camp, her husband, Steve, and younger son, Nick, have gone to scout camp, and the rest of us are left home to fend for ourselves for the next couple of days. I wonder what we'll do.
I'm supposed to be working on some wedding things like the wording on my announcements. I'm worried I won't be able to say things correctly on them. I'm goning to go for now. Bye

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

we are cute together

My sister Charlotte took some engagement pictures of us yesterday and I've decided that we really are cute together. These pictures show that we are silly, we like to jump, we think that kissing in pictures in the trees and in the weeds is cool, we like to dance together and hold hands, we like to kiss, and sometimes we like to be classically cheesy. Charlotte sneakily took a couple kinds of pictures that we wouldn't choose because they're just not our style... notice the dutch angle one and the holding hands one with no heads.
Jeremy was being so silly, he wouldn't stop laughing and being goofy almost the entire time. We went to visit his family in Blackfoot, Idaho this past weekend and his mom showed me pictures of her wedding. He was goofing off in almost every single shot. He hasn't really changed much.

Pearly Orb

On memorial day, Jeremy gave me my real engagement ring! yay! We went to Jared: The Galleria of Fine Jewlery and designed it in the beginning of May. It's kind of silly to say, "He got it at Jared." I was hoping I would get it 3 days earlier so I could wear it at my niece Hillary's reception but I guess it wasn't finished. That's okay though, I'm still 100% satisfied. It is a 3mm (I think) gold band with a pearl held by 6 prongs and it has two small marquee diamons next to it so it looks like a little rosebud It is so pretty, it's even prettier than I thought it would be when we were designing it, but I still love Jeremy more than the ring.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catey's side of the story

Jeremy Warner and Catey Smith are getting married on July 31, 2009 in the Provo Utah Temple.

Here's how it happened. Jeremy and I don't really remember where or when we met but it was probably in the latter end of 2007. We became friends in the spring of 2008 and started dating in the beginning of June. Jeremy proposed to me on February 27 at about 9:30. It was really thought out too. I was actually really frustrated that night because my phone was totally lost and I'd already been waiting for him to meet me for a couple of hours. I decided to leave the house and go look for him. I looked at his house and asked his roommates, looked at Guru's and asked his co-workers, and finally I went to my sister's house to use her phone. Jeremy answered and said he was at my house. I was a little bit angry when I found that out that we probably just passed on the road. I went home and it was a nice night and the moon was huge so we were going to go on a walk. However, by the time we got outside, the moon was behind a hill. So we got in my car and tried to chase it. My iPod's alarm went off because there was an event in my calendar that Jeremy had put in on Christmas. It said "Jeremy proposes to me; Love" five minutes before 9:25pm when it was supposed to happen. We both laughed about it and talked about how funny it would be if he really did because he was kidding when he first wrote in my calendar. Anyway, I realized I was almost out of gas so I changed route to go to the gas station, Jeremy was a little disappointed that we had to stop. After I had gotten back in my car, Jeremy asked me to look at this cool book called "The Covenant" that he'd gotten at Deseret Industries. As I opened it, he began to kneel on the passenger seat inside my car. Inside, he'd cut a little rectangle in the pages just big enough to fit the ring in. So when I opened the book, there was a little ring that said "LOVE" and then he asked me to marry him. It was really funny and romantic at the same time. I love Jeremy Y

Sunday, March 29, 2009

We're totally getting married!

It'll be fun! A couple as memorable as Han and Chewie!