Thursday, November 5, 2009

We win!

Ghost Couple won first place in the "It's only a movie" short film festival.It was fun to watch the movies people submitted. Joseph Winter is the founder of the contest and he did a good job putting this together and directing his 3D movie project, "Abandoned in Space." The trailer for Joseph's movie was shown in 3D at the festival and it was really cool to see that it really worked, it looked really good!
Also, we received some pictures of us at the temple from my sister Charlotte. She is a very good photographer and her pricing is quite inexpensive. Here are some of my favorite pictures she took of us:


  1. Congrats GHOST COUPLE, the pictures are great!

  2. You guys might be my favorite couple ever. Ever. Yup yup.

  3. Can I just say you are one of the prettiest brides I have evern seen!?!