Sunday, October 23, 2011

pump pump pumkin time!

Jeremy, Greg, and I painted some pumpkins. They're pretty cool. I've never painted pumpkins before but I am proud of them. It was fun. Jeremy already posted them on his brand new website.

Jeremy is working on a production called Dr. Fubalous. It is a web-series starring such notables as Flavor Flav and Danny Trejo and stars of YouTube, Donnivin Jordan and GloZell Green.

Friday, October 21, 2011

dances with hairs

Johanna is a friend from my childhood. She had a photography assignment to take pictures for a cause. So the thought of me because of the whole pedestrian and guy driving under the influence thing. Johanna took some pictures of me yesterday. I was nervous to put a leotard on again and to stand on the corner in Springville, but it all worked out and the best part is that we got to hang out for several hours. I don't think we've played since elementary.
I wanted to look cute so I did my hair in a crown-braid, then I did it again today. I think today's is the prettiest crown-braid that I have done thus far. So I took a picture.

I want to be more like Jordan Ferney and post consistently, even if I do it just once or twice a week. Blogging is Jordan's job. I want mine to be cute. It's supposed to be kind of minimalist, but I should just get over the fact that I'm not actually a minimalist even though I'd love to be.

Friday, October 14, 2011

goals are good

I have been needing a new iPod for when I teach dance. When I was discussing it again with Jeremy, he said, "Why don't you just get an iPad?" So I got an iPad on the 11th. I'm so spoiled sometimes. I really like it. Even though I like new things and new gadgets and stuff, I have a hard time using them in public because I'm too afraid that someone will notice and I don't want to look too posh or anything. Is that a normal thing? I like how it still smells new.

This month I'm going to focus more on becoming organized and cooking good meals at home. I think I may even attempt to organize this blog.

My friend Rinda is so cute. She took a long break from her blog and now has gotten back into it. I want to decorate for holidays like her and be a minimalist, even though it goes against most of everything I do.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I like to bake and I love sweet treats. Baking and cooking are very different. I've found that have a hard time bringing out good flavors when I cook.

This evening, I decided to stick as close to some recipes today as a could and I made a tasty dinner with chicken, zucchini, and latkes. I really liked it. I got the recipes from our Williams & Sonoma chicken and potato cookbooks.

When I was cutting the onions, I cried harder than I ever have in that situation and it's not because I cut my finger (because I didn't) but because of how onioney the onions were. My mascara made defined lines down my cheek. Jeremy said I look like a juggalo. I thought that was funny.