Friday, October 14, 2011

goals are good

I have been needing a new iPod for when I teach dance. When I was discussing it again with Jeremy, he said, "Why don't you just get an iPad?" So I got an iPad on the 11th. I'm so spoiled sometimes. I really like it. Even though I like new things and new gadgets and stuff, I have a hard time using them in public because I'm too afraid that someone will notice and I don't want to look too posh or anything. Is that a normal thing? I like how it still smells new.

This month I'm going to focus more on becoming organized and cooking good meals at home. I think I may even attempt to organize this blog.

My friend Rinda is so cute. She took a long break from her blog and now has gotten back into it. I want to decorate for holidays like her and be a minimalist, even though it goes against most of everything I do.

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