Tuesday, June 9, 2009

KY the place

I, Catey, (and my niece Lauren) have gone to visit my Priscilla sister and her family in Kentucky. Her son Ethan keeps singing a song called Trouble by Nevershoutnever! and he just got a cramp in one of his muscles. The song is annoying but I feel bad for his muscles.
Priscilla and Ethan have some webcam things on their computers so I can video chat. I think that is really neat and fun. It is really nice being here in Kentucky but I miss my Jeremy. I hope he has fun with out me too. I hope he posts something on here that doesn't focus on Han and Chewbacca.
My hostess Priscilla has gone to girls camp, her husband, Steve, and younger son, Nick, have gone to scout camp, and the rest of us are left home to fend for ourselves for the next couple of days. I wonder what we'll do.
I'm supposed to be working on some wedding things like the wording on my announcements. I'm worried I won't be able to say things correctly on them. I'm goning to go for now. Bye


  1. Where does your sister live? My husband's family lives in Louisville and they have girls camp this week too. Man, I love Kentucky.

  2. Cate, I am glad you wrote something on here. I hope you are having fun. I keep wanting to call you, but then I remember you are in KY- the place. Love you.