Wednesday, June 3, 2009

we are cute together

My sister Charlotte took some engagement pictures of us yesterday and I've decided that we really are cute together. These pictures show that we are silly, we like to jump, we think that kissing in pictures in the trees and in the weeds is cool, we like to dance together and hold hands, we like to kiss, and sometimes we like to be classically cheesy. Charlotte sneakily took a couple kinds of pictures that we wouldn't choose because they're just not our style... notice the dutch angle one and the holding hands one with no heads.
Jeremy was being so silly, he wouldn't stop laughing and being goofy almost the entire time. We went to visit his family in Blackfoot, Idaho this past weekend and his mom showed me pictures of her wedding. He was goofing off in almost every single shot. He hasn't really changed much.


  1. Catey you are gorgeous! I love all your pictures! So cute!