Saturday, June 13, 2009


Kentucky is a very humid place. I really like what it does to my hair but it makes me feel all sticky.
There are some really cool things here. Yesterday, we went to eat with Steve and Nick in the Mess Hall at scout camp, it just reminded us all how bad elementary school lunches really were. Then we were going to a bluegrass thing that happens every week but we couldn't find it. We'll still try to go next week, we probably just went on the wrong day. Nevertheless, it was fun to drive around with Priscilla and Lauren.
Today, P, Laurs, and I went to Louisville and we walked around on some street somewhere. There were a lot of consignment shops and little boutiques. We found a little bead shop and I made a couple earrings that kinda resemble other earrings that are lost somewhere and I'm so happy about them. It was fun and they were only $7 for the two pairs. We also went to a cool antique shop where I bought another pair of earrings for cheap. They had lots of neat stuff there but no clothes, I was hoping there would be really old clothes I could look at for some reason.
I wish Jeremy was here with me, it'd be even more fun with him here. I'm still really enjoying P and E's webcams. I've been able to talk to Jeremy every night! I like it a lot. It's really late though, I should go to bed.

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