Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's come to this.

Having Catey gone is really rough. She's having fun in the sun (at least I think it's sunny there) while it rains pretty much every day here. I guess that's the downside of being sad when your superpower is the ability to control the weather with your emotions. I actually don't have superpowers, but it would be cool to have them, just not the aforementioned one. I mean, what benefit is it in the event of an emergency?
Cops: "There's a hostage situation on the third floor"
Me: "Somebody make me sad, maybe I can flood them out."
The thing is, to flood them our on the third floor would mean that everybody below that level would be flooded out as well. Less effective if you ask me.
In other news, I have spent much time listening to music, making music, working, doing art, riding my bike, and missing Catey. I went to the temple today, that was nice. I rode my bike to Del Taco and ate dinner with friends, that was fun. I've spent a lot of time making posters/art pieces in photoshop that have helped me keep from going crazy, although some would say that they are evidence of the contrary.
Catey has asked me to blog everyday since she left. She's going to be so happy in the morning. I love her. I've never missed anyone as much as I miss her. She's great.
So is this.

But not as great as Cate.

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