Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's been over a month now

Jeremy and I have been married now for 41 days. I really enjoy being married. It is way better (better, better...) than not being married. July 31 was a really hot day. When we were outside the temple, we were getting so sweaty and impatient so we didn't get very many pictures so Charlotte said she could take more on Saturday. That will be my third time to wear my dress. I'm so lucky.
As many of you know my dad had a tumor in his bile ducts in his liver. It was really big and nothing my parents tried would work. My dad participated as much as he possible could. He came to all of the events except for our luncheon and open house the following week in Idaho. I'm really glad he could make it to those things.
My dad tried to hold on for a long time. On his birthday, September 1, we all went over to my parents house to have peaches and ice cream. I went to talk to my dad. I asked him how his birthday had been going and all he said was, "bad doctor," and he repeated it about 5 times before he could say anything else. I thought it was just his medication making him goofy, but when I found out that it wasn't, it was the first time I realized that he was not going to get better. He had so many toxins in his blood that it was affecting his brain and functions in a major way. That night he went to the hospital and he was there till the afternoon the next day. We took him home under hospice care expecting that he'd be with us for a few more days. I wanted to play my flute for him one more time because he encouraged it so often but someone convinced me that it would be too loud for him so I sang with some of my family. He died the next day.
Even though he was almost always late, he was a very charitable, personable, and righteous person. I'm proud and blessed to have been his daughter and I hope can learn his best traits like the three above.

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