Sunday, April 26, 2009

Catey's side of the story

Jeremy Warner and Catey Smith are getting married on July 31, 2009 in the Provo Utah Temple.

Here's how it happened. Jeremy and I don't really remember where or when we met but it was probably in the latter end of 2007. We became friends in the spring of 2008 and started dating in the beginning of June. Jeremy proposed to me on February 27 at about 9:30. It was really thought out too. I was actually really frustrated that night because my phone was totally lost and I'd already been waiting for him to meet me for a couple of hours. I decided to leave the house and go look for him. I looked at his house and asked his roommates, looked at Guru's and asked his co-workers, and finally I went to my sister's house to use her phone. Jeremy answered and said he was at my house. I was a little bit angry when I found that out that we probably just passed on the road. I went home and it was a nice night and the moon was huge so we were going to go on a walk. However, by the time we got outside, the moon was behind a hill. So we got in my car and tried to chase it. My iPod's alarm went off because there was an event in my calendar that Jeremy had put in on Christmas. It said "Jeremy proposes to me; Love" five minutes before 9:25pm when it was supposed to happen. We both laughed about it and talked about how funny it would be if he really did because he was kidding when he first wrote in my calendar. Anyway, I realized I was almost out of gas so I changed route to go to the gas station, Jeremy was a little disappointed that we had to stop. After I had gotten back in my car, Jeremy asked me to look at this cool book called "The Covenant" that he'd gotten at Deseret Industries. As I opened it, he began to kneel on the passenger seat inside my car. Inside, he'd cut a little rectangle in the pages just big enough to fit the ring in. So when I opened the book, there was a little ring that said "LOVE" and then he asked me to marry him. It was really funny and romantic at the same time. I love Jeremy Y

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