Thursday, September 22, 2011

fancy shoes and fancy cameras

First off, I can't stop listening to this song by College.

I just got a new job. I am the morning receptionist for Wake Up Now. It seems to be a good business that does good things and everyone is very nice. I just need to work on remembering people's names.

I have had a lot of down time so far so since I'm just sitting here between calls and visits, I have time that I can blog and meander through the web. I have found some neat things, like the blue rabbit swing in my previous post.

Since I am at the front desk, I need to always look professional. I have several outfits that I could wear to work, but since I'll be here everyday, I'd like to keep my eye out for possible additions to my wardrobe. Today, I looked at some shoes at Zappos. I'm not going to get these ones, but I like them. It'd be fun to wear them.

Polka dot studded shoes by Belle

Sparkley shoes in black sugar by Rober Clergie

Meanwhile, I was also chatting with Jeremy on Facebook. We have been fantasizing about getting a Red Scarlet for the past few years since it was announced in 2008 (or whenever it was). There has been talk about the camera actually coming out since 2009. I think it may come out sometime soon for reals, so Jeremy are fantasizing even more. Jeremy just sent me a link to this picture:

This diagram compares different resolutions. The little orange space is the size of a regular NTSC DVD's resolution and the blue is HD1080. If we got a scarlet, it would have the resolution of that burnt orange space at 3K, which is pretty big. I didn't realize how large a resolution could be. The giant red space is another product from Red, it is the Red Epic 617 at 28K. That is so extremely ginormous. I don't know very much about camera technology and I don't even pretend to understand it, but I know that would make a giant picture.

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