Wednesday, September 28, 2011

jackson and work

Here are pictures that we took of ourselves at the Lost Creek Ranch in Wyoming. It was fun and the Titans were beautiful. I really like the lense flares. Modern Family went to Lost Creek in one of their episodes. I think it costs something like $14,00 per week per couple. We, of course, weren't actually staying there, Jeremy just took pictures of wealthy city people riding docile horses.

I'm at work. Not very many people have called today. I have had a lot of fun laughing at this and this and this. It is a little embarrassing because I'm sitting by myself and I'm almost laughing hard enough to cry!

I recently started to use pinterest. I guess it is pretty cool. It has been pretty self informative. I have found mostly want things like clothes and want to make treats. Right now I am crochetting a little pink heart garland that I pinned.

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