Tuesday, August 10, 2010

grand-relative in the next generation

I'm so excited! My niece Hillary and her husband Scott are having a baby. I am so excited! We didn't really know how long she'd been full with child until today. They went to their first ultrasound and got to hear the heartbeat. Hilly sent me a text with a picture of the little babe in her belly and she also told me that she's due March 2nd which means they are 11 weeks into pregnancy. I really am so excited.
We went to a divine comedy reunion dinner on Sunday and got to meet a friend's month old baby. It was so cute because this little munchkin was the first person we saw when we walked in the door. Jeremy was so cute when he was watching the squirming little pink human who was asleep in its baby carrier. I had fun watching Jeremy. I think that made Jeremy more excited for Hilly and Scoot to have a little munchkin of their own.

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