Monday, April 4, 2011

Justin Hicken again

Jeremy found Justin Hicken in the Utah County Jail inmate search thing last week and found this. We thought it might mean that he got another DUI. The Rod Arquette show on KNRS thought the same thing so they were going to interview me today. Rod Arquette interviewed me a couple weeks ago about the sentencing of Justin Hicken. (You can listen to it here if you didn't get a chance yet. The segment with my interview is about 3/4ths of the way through the podcast and there is a good discussion soon after.) KNRS's news people found that it was "just a procedural thing and he was not picked up again for DUI." So they ended up not needing to interview me today. The following is an email I sent KNRS:
Thank you. I'm glad that he didn't get another DUI and I hope he never does again. However if he does infringe I hope he gets caught and will be tried by a real person who understands what chances he took by driving under the influence, because I don't think Judge McDade understood those chances even though they were very evident because they actually took place. I think it's ridiculous that he can get away with the lightest punishment there is for almost taking my life. I think I forgot to mention that he can still drive with the use of a breathalyzer but alcohol had nothing to do with anything. Also, I would like to bring up the fact once again that he was in court the day before he struck me on a DUI charge. Because that case was still open, his foolish and careless attack on me was treated as a first time offense. Now that he has his first offense out of the way I sincerely hope that the city of Springville and the state of Utah will finish the job on his real first DUI and prosecute him to the full extent of the law. He shouldn't have a license anymore. I don't think the judge should have given him such a light sentence and I think the prosecuting attorney did not do a very good job because she didn't know that Judge McDade served on Pleasant Grove's city council, a city for which Hicken's father is the prosecuting attorney. That should have been made known before this case ever went to court. It seems the judge thinks boys will be boys. Well, dogs will be dogs, cats will be cats, pedophiles will be pedophiles, and people who pose a threat to innocent people will pose a threat to innocent people. Sure, Justin Hicken has an addiction problem, but shouldn't we all feel safe? I think everyone has a right to feel safe, but I don't feel safe when people who get multiple DUIs can still drive. Something else that irked me is that his dad mentioned, in court, that this has been a blessing to their family ignoring the fact that anyone else was involved. If I am expected to pay for the poor choices of Justin Hicken, then that is backwards. I know life isn't fair, but we can work on some things being more fair than not which is why criminals have justice and mercy instead of just being let off. Lets not forget the justice part.
I am really happy that I am alive and that I can walk and improve with therapy and I hope that I will be normal physically, mentally, and emotionally someday if I work at it diligently. I am happy that I have so many people that love, support, and hope the best for me. I hope that something in the courts and legislature changes in the near future.
Thank you for interviewing me a couple weeks ago, it was nice of you to think about me and this case/cause. It was also nice to speak with you, I felt a lot more comfortable that I thought I would.

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  1. Seriously! "A blessing?" What an idiot! I hate this situation and things need to change, cause I don't feel safe when somebody I know well is a victim of it.

    Thanks for posting Catey.