Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Johanna's pictures

Below is a picture that Johanna took of me.

Johanna is one of my friends from when I was little. She was best friends with my best girlfriend, HillybeansmithDastrup. She is studying photography at UVU and did a project on me and the cause of my injuries last week. Some of the pictures I let her use are really disturbing at least to me and my family, just so you are warned.

Thanks Jo!
Click on the picture to go to her blog.


  1. Catey I love you! I will get you the disk sometime next week! I hope you liked how they turned out!

  2. Really pretty pictures of you. You ARE a very cute (but not asian) girl.

  3. PS The pictures of the scene are crazy and disturbing. Where did you get them? And the pictures I took did not bother me at the time because I was with you and it was the current situation. Now they make me sick.