Tuesday, December 13, 2011


First off, my sister's husband, SSG Mills, just came home from Iraq today. It was a happy thing. I'm glad for Rachel and her kids to have there husband/dad back with them. I love that he came home before Christmas. Now they can have the whole break from school and stuff together.

Jeremy was cute when he was little, but he's even cuter now. Look at this ornament that he made once upon a time.

Last week, Jeremy and I enjoyed getting some treats in our shoes for St. Nicholas Tag (December 6th). I gave him a Star Wars trivia book. What fun!

The studio where I teach dance had parent showings yesterday and today. My preschool creative dance class and Ballet 1 class were so cute. They danced to "Trim Up the Tree" by Boris Karloff. I'm really proud of my students. They did well. I wish I had taken pictures of the girls yesterday too, but wishing in retrospect is dumb.

Tomorrow, my niece and some of her friends that I teach will be doing their little recital. They're going to be extra cute too.

What a busy week.

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