Thursday, August 11, 2011

new schedule

So, I've been feeling like I've been in an unproductive rut for a while now. I'd like to do the things I say I'm going to do because that helps fuel my happiness. Jeremy, my mother, and my sister Charlotte (and probably my other sisters) have really been encouraging me to make things, bake things, learn new things, be consistent, and even sell the things I make or like. I just made an etsy account though it is mostly to buy something, maybe I'll have an etsy store of my own someday or even by the end of the year. I should be able to depend on my own success.

These are my new daily goals:
wake up at the same time every day
work out and/or do something particularly healthy for an hour or two
do the things I must do (ie: laundry, shower, get ready for the day, make the bed, eat, etc.)
write down daily or weekly goals in order of priority
make or begin to make something whether it is painting, sewing, crochetting, drawing, choreographing, writing, cook or bake, friends, taking photos and editing them, learn how to use my creative software, etc...
teach my dance classes
write on this blog do document my progress :)

I want to do the things I listed above so badly. I need to make a more concrete schedule otherwise I won't do it all. I ardently want to complete these tasks, that should be enough to make me do it I guess.

Anyway, I hope I can take this motivation to work with me and that it is successful.

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