Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I really like treats and sweets. I made these tasty lime meltaways a few weeks ago:

I like the swirl on the top, its cute.

I don't have the recipe for them at the moment but if I remember maybe I'll post it later. They were really good and I'm proud of myself for making them up. I want to make other flavors of meltaways as well.

Jeremy and I are in Jackson, Wyoming for the rest of the week. Jeremy is taking people's pictures at a ranch while I sit here at our friends house alone with the computer. I've developed a cold. I find that I really waste time when I'm home with a cold all alone. I've had fun looking at cool things though. Look at these tasty, cute, fun things. I tracked these down by looking at a post on Jordan Ferney's blog, Oh Happy Day. Now, I'm not a real blogger or blog reader like her so I don't know what is or isn't awesome when it comes to blogs. She really likes Not Martha which is a blog that has been around for a while. Megan, at Not Martha, seems to be a really fun person. She has cute ideas like chocolate Easter egg surprises, which are like little kinder eggs.

From Not Martha, I then went to Omnomicon, which has this cute colorful cake idea that I want to do for the next cakey thing that I make, and the kitchn, where we can learn to make homemade peeps. Yummy yummy yummy!

I hope that I remember these treats when their respective holidays come up again in 2012 cause maybe that will be the last time I'll ever get to make holiday treats (because it's 2012)!

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