Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm back and so is Summer

I haven't blogged for so long!

Today marks 4 years since our first date and 4 of having fun being together! Or as Jeremy said, "Catey and I have been an interracial couple for 4 years." It's pretty cool. We've been through thick and thin and been happy and sad together. We're living the dream! Boy oh boy, we sure do love each other.
This is the oldest picture I could find of us together on Facebook. I think it's cute because Jeremy is dancing like Snoopy.

Anyway, I keep having weird dreams. Last night's dream involved riding little trains up and down the Wasatch Front that was paid for with coins and pita chips (awesome, and we found a silver Mercury Penny too!), running away from bad guys in a greasy Dickensian neighborhood with a cool theater, visiting an old apartment (from my niece's childhood...weird), weeding my neighbor's garden, and an antiquated digital camera that had a little digital film cartridge instead of an SD card. The camera was pretty cool actually. It was more like a Polaroid camera because there was a little machine you put the cartridge into and it would print the high quality pictures instantly. This was a great dream because it was pretty much just Jeremy and I on cool adventures. Though, either James Alexander, Jordan Michael Blake, or Cody Rigby tagged along. I can't remember who it was because they weren't really involved, they just followed us around. I only remember the friend being blond and silly.

Lately, Jeremy has been super busy working full time and rehearsing for BYUTV's Common Room with Divine Comedy a long with a few other projects. Common Room has been filmed once already, and they are filming again on this Saturday. Also, I drew a picture and I painted a little, but it looks weird. If it was on purpose, that would be cool, but it's not.

Jeremy has a new website: You should check it out.

My mother is moving from her home that she's lived in since I was 3 months old. I am so sad! I am generally a sentimental person and almost all of my childhood memories involve that house or the neighborhood. Every time I drive there to help her move, I feel sad inside because I have little flashbacks all the way there. Why must I get so attached to places and stuff? It makes my life so much harder.

I haven't really done anything outside since it has been hot. I wish Jeremy and I had gotten the "Pass of All Passes!" when it was $10. I think I would play outside if we did. I hope to still find a deal, we'll see how that works out. I have good news ... I'm getting a new bike! I always wanted to fix my grandparent's matching green Schwinn Suburbans, but they're so heavy and my grandpa's is a little too big for Jeremy. I finally gave in and let my brother and his wife have them. I'm getting one of these. I originally wanted it in red, but I missed my chance. I like the other colors too anyway. I really love the shape and that it is an 8 speed.

Hopefully I'll blog more regularly from now on. Bye!

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