Monday, June 11, 2012

MAFS' Move

My mother, MAFS, is moving. She is leaving the home I grew up in. She has given so much stuff away. I'm really proud of her because that is so hard. I have some old family pictures that I've scanned and the majority of them are too cute. However, I think our scanner has a problem. It used to not do this, but it leaves little lines in the dark areas, especially if the original picture has a glossy finish. I don't know enough about printers and scanners to fix it. I probably have to clean the scanner head or whatever its called. BORING.

cute MAFS and HLFK - probably spring or summer 1947
MAF[S] with her parents Lorymore and Myrtle Joy Free and their dog, Dicty Oclastus Americanus Productacea Spiriferida Bracheopoda. The pup was named after a fossil. - probably 1967 or something.


  1. Grandpa and Grandma look so cute! There are houses across the street, not a parking lot. It's pretty.

    1. I know, and don't you wish long high waist shorts like the ones on mom were cute on me and you?