Thursday, June 7, 2012

Music and Bikes and Dramas

There are some songs that I'm loving right now. They make me feel good.
  1. Hot Chip's new album is coming out soon. The whole album can be streamed right here. My favorite track is "Now There is Nothing." I just love it for some reason, especially the intro.
  2. College and Electric Youth's song "A Real Hero" has been one of my favorites for the better part of a year now.
  3. Pnau's "The Truth" is great too.
  4. M83's "Raconte-Moi Une Histoire" makes me want to be a mom and listen to my kids tell me stories.
  5. M83's "Kim and Jesse" always makes me happy, too bad they didn't play it at their concert.
  6. Kaela Kimura's "Ring a Ding Dong" is something that Jeremy and I have both like lately. I think it's super fun and catchy. Also, the music video has great choreography, colors, set, costumes and is just one continuous shot. This is just a small part of the video. I can't find the whole one anymore.

Also I've gotten into Korean dramas on Hulu. Silly me. I've watched all of "Oh My Lady," "My Lovely Sam Soon," "King 2 Hearts," "Love Rain," "Rooftop Prince," and "Heart Strings." It was fun but it took up too much of my time.
I ordered my bike! I really just waited too long, I could have had it a month ago. I am so excited that it is real. It doesn't come till next Tuesday probably and it has to be assembled before I ride it. But I'm so excited. I will ride it everywhere and soak some vitamin D into my neon white body. That means we need to get Jeremy's gears and brakes fixed so he can ride with me. And we need helmets. We've decided it's not worth the risk. YIPPEE!


  1. Your bike is really cute and I loved that video-- she's pretty cool! Thanks for sharing!

  2. catey, i like your bike! & your blog!