Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This is What Shattered Dreams and Shattered Knees Look Like.

Here are some pictures of my first couple days in the hospital after I was hit by Justin Hicken Driving Under the Influence. They are ugly, I'm sorry if they made you sick. They make me sick.
I just want to raise awareness.


  1. I took those pictures, but looking at them now they make me sick. I'm so glad you are in better shape now. I'm so happy and grateful that you are healing. Love you!

  2. So happy you are recovering well Catey! Yes, these pictures make me sick but mostly just sick about the situation. Things like that should NOT happen.

  3. Those photos are so hard to look at! I hate it. That week was so hard. You were stronger and have been stronger than anyone else during all of this. I hope you know so many people love you and are concerned about your healing and your life.

  4. I love you Catey! Its really sad to look at these!