Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Saint Patrick's week

I can start going to the gym now so I ordered shoes to work out in last week. I got them on Monday! I was so excited to open them. Opening packages is something I like to do, especially if they are for me.
Ordering the shoes was a way bigger ordeal than I wanted it to be. The ones I wanted look like this. I was in the checkout with them twice. The first time, the online store went down for maintainance so I couldn't complete the order. The second time, a message popped up and said they ran out of my size in that color. I was bummed at first but I got a better deal through Finish Line in the end and this color is still cute.
On sunday, I put some of my mom's white geraniums for the centerpiece at the dinner table. I put green food coloring in the water to see if the petals would change color, they did a little bit. Maybe you can look closely at the petals to see. They probably would more if I put them in the green water more quickly. But it was fun. I think I might do it again with a time lapse and make it look like a little piece of an educational video.
I found some boxing shorts and made Jeremy put them on so I could take pictures of him in them. He made a gif out of them:
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He also has his own blog here.

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